Physician Assistant Scholarships

Whether you are just starting to look for a physician assistant program or nearing the end of your studies, use this directory of physician assistant scholarships to find those that are right for you. Use the renewability function to find scholarships that will fund your education for multiple years of your physician assistant program. If you are just starting your studies, the school and state sorting functions of the directory will help you find schools to start your program. If you already have some physician assistant studies under your belt, you should use the minimum GPA function to find scholarships that you qualify for. You should also search by ethnic background, as many scholarships are available for students from diverse ethnic heritages. Finally, regardless of your situation, you should use the enrollment level function to make sure you find scholarships which are applicable to your current level of study.

Finding funding for your education does not have to stop here. Try searching for physician assistant scholarships online to add additional national or state scholarships to your list of potential funding sources. If you are already employed in the medical field, ask your employer to sponsor your studies, as healthcare employers are often interested in improving the competency of their employees. You will usually have to complete sponsored studies at a traditional university, as there are few accredited universities that offer an online physician assistant program.

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Identify Trends in Physician Assistant Scholarships

Students interested in funding for physician assistant studies can find it at all levels of study, though many are provided specifically for undergraduate premedical programs or programs that lead to a master’s degree. Funding opportunities for graduate degree programs often provide much larger sums of money than those for undergraduate programs. However, even if you are an undergraduate student, you should still apply for as many scholarships as you can to leverage every funding opportunity possible.

Most scholarships in this field are focused on those who are pursuing a degree in nursing, which is a strong choice for an undergraduate degree that will prepare you for PA school. If you are interested in other fields, such as alternative medicine, medical technology, or gerontology, you will have a harder time finding funding. Some physician assistant scholarships are made available to even broader sets of students, including music, science, and criminal justice majors, among others. Given the broader scope of these scholarships, they are more competitive than scholarships intended exclusively for physician assistant students.

Key Physician Assistant Scholarships

National Health Service Corps Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) for students who are willing to serve communities with limited healthcare access. It is available to a wide range of medical specialists, including physician assistants, nurse midwives, and dentists. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, and other educational costs, and even an additional living stipend.

Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRIMO)

This scholarship is provided by the Missouri Department of Health and is intended for students who want to become medical professionals in the state of Missouri. You must have lived in Missouri for at least one year for reasons other than your studies to be eligible for this scholarship, and you must attend a Missouri institution. The average monetary award for this scholarship is more than $11,000, and it can be renewed.

Directory of Physician Assistant Scholarships